Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets with Professional Painting Service. Best Way Painting is your local experts in cabinet painting and refinishing. Our unique approach on painting and refinishing cabinets allows homeowners to use the home while we paint in our state-of-the-art facility.

At Best Way Painting, we offer comprehensive cabinet painting services tailored to your specific needs.

Our cabinet painting services will meet or exceed factory finish quality. We will remove cabinet doors and hardware from your kitchen cabinet doors. This allows homeowners to upgrade hardware to match the newly painted cabinet doors and drawers.

Best Way Painting will paint one cabinet door for free with your newly selected color and finish for final approval. This service will allow homeowners to see exactly how their cabinets will look.

As a top leading expert on cabinet painting there are two stages and several steps that we follow to ensure the best results.


● Mark all cabinet doors to note their location before we remove all doors and drawers from your kitchen cabinets.
● Safely transport cabinet doors to our designated spray shop.
● Wash all cabinet surfaces with degreaser to remove oil and residue.
● Sand with fine sandpaper and will prime cabinet doors with HVLP spray equipment.
● Sand again with the sandpaper to acquire a smooth surface.
● Apply the first coat of paint.
● Inspect and correct any imperfections before applying the final coat.
● Safely transport and install cabinet doors and drawers.

Naples Florida Painters | Best Way Painting employes cabinet painting

● Cover floor in the working area where the cabinet boxes will get painted.
● Cover all appliances, countertops, and all areas of the kitchen to protect them during the cabinet painting process.
● Use the same process used for painting off cabinet doors; clean the surface, prime, sand, and paint two coats of high-quality paint.


After painting of the cabinets is complete, we will clean all masking tape and plastic and vacuum the entire area. Our final step for quality assurance includes inspection with the homeowner to ensure results are satisfactory and meet the homeowners’ expectations.

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Our team of professional painters have the experience to handle your project with precision and efficiency.